5.0T Wheel Loader
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Wheel loader is a heavy equipment machine often used in construction, primarily used to load material into  or onto another type of machinery, such as a dump truck, conveyor belt, feed-hopper, or rail car.
Model ZL50
Rating loading capacity 5000 kg Travel speed Forward 1st gear 10 km/h
Bucket capacity 3 m³(standard bucket)
optional bucket 2.5m³(rock bucket) ;2.7 m³; Forward 2nd gear 34 km/h
3.6 m³ (lightweight bucket)
Dumping height 3205 mm Reverse 1st gear 13 km/h
Dumping reach 1200 mm
Max. lifting height 4315 mm Diesel engine Modl standard Steyr WD10G220E11
optional Deutz                  /Xichai6110
System pressure 16 Mpa Rating power 162 kw
Arm lifting time ≤ 6.5s Rating rev. 2200 r/min
Arm declining time ≤ 4.5s Min. specific fuel consumption 215 g/kw.h
Bucket forward tilting time ≤ 2.5s Transmission type of torque converter Dual-turbine type
Breakout force 154 kN Stall torque ratio 4
Min. turning radius(center of outside wheels ) 5745 mm Oil pressure of torque converter inlet 0.3 - 0.45 Mpa
Type of Gearbox Planetary, hydraulic powershift
Working pressure of steering system 16 Mpa Oil capacity Fuel tank 278 L
Max. turing angle 38° Hydraulic system 278 L
Wheelbase 3200 mm Engine oil 20 L
Tread 2200 mm Gearbox 45 L
Tyre specification 23.5-25 Axles and final drive 83 L
Air pressure Front 0.32 Mpa  Rear 0.28 Mpa Brake system 3.52 L
Operation weight 16500kg Axles Type of main transmission Spiral bevel gear
Dimension Overall length 7785 mm Reduction ratio 5.286
Overall width 3000 mm Type of final drive Spur planetary gear
Overall height 3350 mm Reduction ratio 4.26
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